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Vanitas 3 : POPULAR SONG

The third issue of VANITAS uses poetry to think about song, remembering that poetry begins as song, even if it ends as speech. Darinka Novitovic Chase provides a personal account of "Great Clubs I Have Danced At." Other texts include a comparison of Iggy Pop to a 17th-century Jesuit orator from Portugal, a reminiscence of London in the late 1960s, and a meditation on Cat Power.

New poems by Louis Armand, Joshua Auerbach, Richard Bailey, Scott Bentley, Irene Ferraro, Jason Lynn, Christopher Mulrooney, Rob Halpern, Ron Horning, Alix Lambert, Heller Levinson, Charles North, Paul Pines, Chris Pusateri, Stephen Ratcliffe, Raphael Rubenstein, Morgan Russell, Larry Sawyer, Barry Schwabsky, Ray Succre, and Phoebe Wayne push the bounds of the possible.

Portfolio of new Beatles Poems by Elaine Equi, Laura Moriarty, Jeni Olin, Susan Wheeler, David Trinidad, and Anne Waldman.

Prose and diverse contributions by Helio Bittencourt, Jim Dine, Cliff Fyman, Alcir Pecora, and Barry Schwabsky.

Within the context of an examination of poetic activities in the 1970s, Bill Berkson and Barrett Watten present an excerpt from their collaboration, "I Can Hear It Now," with commentary.

Art Feature by Jack Pierson, including several of his fantastic found name pieces — "The Underground," "The Cry Guy" etc. — plus photos of archetypal music sites. And Juan Gomez' portrait of Noel Rosa.

VANITAS 3 : POPULAR SONG is available through Small Press Distribution or PayPal (see above).



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